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about the blog

Ponder with Maria is a blog and commentary, seeking to unravel the complexities of modern culture.


The modern industrialised world is so fast-paced, the complexities that it has propelled are endless. With the proliferation of consumerism, technology and digital communication, life has now become a landscape of grey areas and uncertainties. Our experiences are full of anxieties, fears, political unrest, inequality and endless change - it's no wonder we can't keep up with what's going on around us. We get caught up and overwhelmed by it all, leaving little room for us reflect and understand why we do what we do.


Often observing and thinking about the world , I seek to understand our own thoughts and behaviours (questioning the modern world and lifestyles wherever necessary)...⁣

So, I’ve created a reflective space where I can be creative, share my thoughts and to provide some insight, comfort and perspective into anything from society, relationships, politics, social change, career, lifestyle...whatever I fancy. And depending on the topic, I try do it with fun and a good humour.


But overall, the purpose is to get us all to think deeper and shed light on many questions we don’t typically step back and reflect on, or bring to our daily conversations. Some topics may be more serious, some more light hearted, but the purpose is to be as relatable as possible. I’m a very open book, here and in person.


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