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about maria

Maria is a London based journalist, blogger and commentator. Graduating from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Sociological Research (MSc) in 2017, she started in government policy before training to become a journalist in 2021.  She currently works as a news reporter for The i Paper and has most recently been commissioned by Harper's Bazaar, The i Paper, Management Today, First and Surrey Comet.


"With a background in Sociology, I have always been fascinated by communities, people, modern societal structures, institutions and human behaviour. I loved everything I learnt in my degree, and it has shaped the way I think today. Science was never for me, and I'm a humanities girl through and through.

"Sociologically wired with a love for writing, I have created my own @ponderwithmaria instagram account, to have a creative outlet where I can share my own observations and perspectives of the world. This website is simply a spin off of that - a space where I can share my written thoughts in more depth. 


"My aim with my writing is to simply get people thinking - to dig deep into the complexities of modern life which we are all part of and subject to, but which we rarely find ourselves being conscious of.  I am always analysing my own behaviour and seeking to understand the broader structures which lead me, and others, to behave in certain ways. 

"Up from the macro and down to the micro, I am interested in anything from politics, consumerism, economics, media, relationships, human behaviour, general trends...almost anything! The aim being so unravel the complexities of modern life and culture, along with the trends, anxieties and pressures it incurs. Some topics will be more light hearted and relatable than others and I hope that by sharing my content, people will be able to take a step back and analyse the culture we are immersed and subject to."

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