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Ponder with Maria is a blog and commentary unravelling the complexities of modern consumer culture. Launched in May 2020,  articles interrogate modern consumer behaviour, lifestyles and experience. The purpose being to unravel why we do the things we do, providing an opportunity for readers to reflect on the cultural activity we engage in, and which characterise the current generation. 

Mainly written through personal experience and observation, the blog at times draws from inspirational texts and social commentators to provide grounding and context. But in doing so, articles are written with good humour and self-awareness, reassuring readers that we all fall prey to modern pressures, activities and emotions, generated by the broader structure of consumerism.


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Ponder with Maria is a blog and commentary interrogating  the complexities of modern culture.


The purpose is to share some in-depth perspective into modern behaviours of our generation.


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